Debunking Common Roofing Myths

Your roof is one of the least accessible areas of your home and can be a bit of a mystery. Not understanding how your roof works is the easiest way to end up with irreversible damage. The easiest way to make sure you keep your roof healthy is to know what information is reliable and what’s just another one of those roofing myths.

5 Common Roofing Myths Debunked:

Myth: My gutters have nothing to do with the health of my roof.

This is far from the truth! Your gutters and roof go hand in hand, helping each other weather any storm thrown their way. While your roof works as a barrier to keep water out of your home, the gutters move that water to the ground and away from your home. They work as a team, and without gutters, you could end up with some nasty roof and foundation problems.

Myth: Anyone can repair a roof by themselves.

No matter how good of a handyman you are, chances are you’re probably going to do something that does your roof more harm than good. Botched roofing jobs can cause your roof to leak, or worst case scenario, collapse. Plus, it’s just down-right dangerous. Professional roofers have lots of experience and knowledge that you don’t get by watching a YouTube video. Sorry DIYers, but it’s best to let the experts handle it.

Myth: The weather doesn't affect my roof THAT much.

No matter what season you’re in, your roof is always vulnerable to the different precipitation and weather conditions that come with it. In the summer, your roof can be damaged by the intense temperatures and severe thunderstorms. In the winter, your roof could be damaged by ice dams. In the spring by the rain, and in the fall by the leaves.

Myth: I can re-roof over existing shingles.

You CAN but you shouldn’t. Just because you temporarily fix a problem doesn’t mean it's going to go away. Mold and damaged or rotten wood could be lying underneath your old shingles. If you just re-roof over the old ones, your new materials are most likely going to end up just like the old, damaged ones.

Myth: Fixing my roof is too expensive.

Not if you give Complete Roofing a call! We believe you deserve to spend your hard-earned money on something you enjoy, not an expensive new roof. With our drone and AI technology, we can pinpoint the damage to your roof, and use that data to help you get a brand new roof covered by your insurance.

Ready to get that brand new roof that your home deserves? Get started by scheduling an inspection with us here.

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