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I watched Complete Roofing Systems inspect my neighbor's roof, but was skeptical whether my insurance would approve the replacement of my roof. The team from Complete Roofing Systems performed a free roof inspection, assisted me with filing the claim, and presented the storm damage facts to my insurance company. My insurance company agreed that my roof was damaged and approved my new roof. I couldn't be happier with the new roof I received from Complete Roofing Systems.

- Sam Erwin, Laurel Spring in Suwanee, GA


40% of every square foot in Georgia experiences hail damage each year.

over a 5 year period, almost no home goes untouched by hail.


How will you know if your roof is damaged?

Atlanta's Roof Replacement Company & Storm Damage Specialist


Complete Roofing Systems understood our issues. In all my years of community management, I don’t believe I have ever seen an inspection report so very comprehensive and complete. They worked with our board and the insurance inspectors throughout the process. Their staff was so kind; they answered all the owners’ questions throughout the whole process.  It was easy, and I will be using no other roofer—ever.

- Laura Lazar, Parkside Management


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