Shake roofs provide homeowners with a rustic, colonial American look to their home. However, because the shingles are made of wood, not asphalt, or a non-porous material, it is prone to many problems that other materials don’t have. Problems that can become very expensive very quickly.

  • Poor Installation
    Most contractors don’t have the proper skills to install a shake roof. This can lead to major problems, headaches, and expenses for homeowners.
  • Moisture
    Because shake roofs are made from wood, they are more vulnerable to water that comes from leaves, dirt, and of course heavy rainfall.
  • Dependence on pressure treatment
    Resistant doesn’t mean immune. Without maintenance, shake shingles will start to rot away, leaving your home exposed to severe weather.

We have 30 years experience building shake roofing systems, and helping homeowners maintain their investment. Our team of certified inspectors, specialists, and engineers We can often help extend the life of their roof past the estimated 25 year expectancy. But only if you call us in time.

If your roof is 10 years or older, or have experienced severe weather in the last few weeks, call us in for a FREE home inspection. We’ll check out your roof and provide a full report with no obligations. Call us at 1-866-237-8766 or fill out the contact form today.