Business Class Support

When it comes to maintaining your roof, property management companies barely scratch the surface. If it can’t be seen from the ground, or doesn’t happen during working hours, the problem may not be addressed. Problems such as bad installation, poor design, age and other damage from severe weather often go untreated.

This greatly impacts the integrity of your roof, and can lead to expensive repair and replacement costs. Costs that would have been covered by insurance. That’s why Complete Roofing Systems offers our Roof Asset Management Program (R.A.M.P.). R.A.M.P. is comprehensive and cost effective program that takes a proactive approach to protecting your roof. Using state of the art technology, along with regular inspections by certified roofing specialists, we prevent roof failures and potential insured losses.

R.A.M.P. prevents:

  • Costly emergency or crisis repairs
  • Costly business downtime and clean ups
  • Product damage
  • Unsafe and unhealthy working conditions
  • Building structural damage
  • Interior finish damage
  • Compromising of your roof's warranty
  • Unnecessary costly capital expenditures

R.A.M.P. services include:

  • Customized program to your building and roof types
  • Review of built drawings and warranty documentation of your roof system
  • Wet, damaged and deteriorating areas are identified
  • Detailed evaluation report with descriptions, photos and budget estimations
  • Physical repairs
  • Scheduled inspections
  • Routine maintenance
  • Thermal imaging