For nearly 11 years Complete Roofing has ensured our customers don't pay for storm and hail damaged roofs. Our Trusted Advisors play a key role in this effort by meeting with our customers, evaluating the roof inspection findings and advising the next steps. I spoke this week with one of our top Trusted Advisors, Justin Tanner, to find out how he excels in bringing value to his customers.

How much value has he brought? Last year alone Justin saved his customers from unnecessarily spending $2.6 million for their new roofs. This year Justin's customers are on pace to benefit from more than $4.2 million in new roof replacements. That's $4.2 million that's not coming from their pockets - all paid for by their roof protection plan. Picture in your mind more than 30 acres of roof replacement!

In our time together I asked Justin how he helped his customers achieve this. Over and over again, I heard, "meeting my customers needs... helping them... following through." It became clear that the essence of his skill set was his desire to serve his customers well.

Here are the 4 things Justin says are most important in serving customers:

  • Honor your word. Justin stated that keeping your word with your customers by being consistent over time and following through on your promises yields satisfied customers who want to tell their friends about their experience.

  • Be positive. Going in with a good attitude is really important to your customers. Everyone is carrying their own load of problems; the customer doesn’t need more problems. They need solutions. Justin has found that people can pick up on a negative attitude and a negative attitude will lose the customer.

  • Do whatever is convenient for the customer. Think of what would help them. Ask them what they need or what they would prefer. Having empathy for your customer will help them get what they need and will help you be a better sales rep. Be the contact after the sale.

  • Enjoy what you do. If you want to be good at sales, you should enjoy meeting people, getting to know them, and solving problems. Justin finds satisfaction in showing people why they have a need for a new roof, then walking them through the insurance process. Even though this aspect may seem focused on the salesperson, it really serves the customer as well. Wouldn’t you rather be served by someone who enjoys what they do than by someone who is just pushing through the day? Service flows from the heart and customers intuitively recognize this and respond accordingly.

Could your roof have hail or storm damage? Have you wondered if you could get a new roof through insurance? Yes, you can! Let Justin or any of our Trusted Advisors help you win today.

Karen ConeComment